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Jay Turser?

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Me and my pop were looking through pawn shops, and we ran across a hollow body electric guitar called a Jay Turser JT-134QMT for around $230.00. We ran across two of them, one had a broken switch and the other seemed just great. I was wondering if any of yall had heard/played/owned any of these hollow bodies? And if this was a deal? (because Im having trouble finding anything online about them) and one more question, what exactely does Broken Switch mean?
Thank you all for your time.

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I am not familiar with that exact model, but I have seen and even played a few Jay Turser guitars. They are OK, they are guitars for someone on a budget like Squiers. But the ones I have seen were pretty good guitars, they played well and sounded good.

A broken switch is just that. It is probably talking about the pickup selector switch. If this guitar has two (or even three) pickups, this switch allows you to select which pickup (or both at the same time). Most electrics have a "neck" pickup mounted where the neck joins the body, and a "bridge" pickup back at the bridge. Some electrics will have a third pickup inbetween called the "middle" pickup.

A broken switch is not a good thing, but it's not the end of the world either. If you are good with a soldering iron you can probably fix it yourself, or order a new switch for just a few dollars. A broken switch can do different things, it may fail to change from one pickup to another, it could make lots of noise when you change pickups, or you may not get any sound out of a pickup in one position. But usually it is a pretty easy fix.

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