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Led Zeppelin / Spirit Trial

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Has anyone been following the trial?

Mods, please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum. This could really go just as well in Guitar Theory.

Personally I don't see the similarity. I understand what the plaintiff is trying to assert. But I don't feel it meets the definition of "ripped off".

They said that Zeppelin was at the show that spirit first played it at. Does that mean they heard it and processed the chord progression and thought..."hey that could work."

Jimmy said he owned 3 spirit albums but he also said he owns over 9000 albums and hasn't listened to them all. ( did some math and you would have to listen to them continuously for over 375 days to hear them all.)

I think If I was page I would get up front and play a GCD chord progression and let plant sing a melody of say 10 popular songs over them. Even someone who didn't understand music theory could understand that.

What do you think GN?

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These things are always hard to say for sure. Remember back then that Jimmy Page was doing tons of studio work and probably had a lot of music running around in his head. It's certainly possible Page sincerely didn't make any connection.

But, unfortunately, if you read more about Zep's early albums, there are numerous instances of the band claiming writing credits that eventually ended up being rewritten to the include original writers ("Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You," "Whole Lotta Love," "The Lemon Song"), so Spirit may be hoping that this factors into the lawsuit.

But, seriously, you'd really have to wonder why wait forty-five years to bring on the suit? If Spirit really thought this was a blatant copyright infringement, why wait so long? Makes you wonder what other things are going on in the background...


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Maybe they saw the success and bucks that the Gaye family were awarded and decided it to be worth it.

There's another song out last year - I've forgotten which one - that's receiving the attention of a $20m lawsuit. Ouch!!!

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