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Looking for a basic blues pedal

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Well, after further looking at I think I'm going to stick with the blues driver. Sometimes I don't even bother and just use my blues Jr amp's natural over-drive by cranking the volume up but keeping the master volume low and putting it on the "fat" setting. Sometimes that's all I need for a nice blues over-drive.

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I've got a number of overdrives and such around here, but I rarely use anything between my guitar and amp except a cable.

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If you are looking for something to sound AMAZING, and even better and more versatile than a tube screamer, try out

Barber Burn Unit.

It really is the best pedal I have ever owned, and coupled with some sweet delay, really produces such a sweet overdrive that will soothe your ears and make you feel as if you were in tone heaven. Maximize You Guitar Potential

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The pedal I love the most out of my collection is the Boss BD-2 modded by Robert Keeley. Absolutely wonderful tones! It's a tad pricey, but worth every penny in my humble opinion.

Robert Keeley BD-2


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On the cheap,
the Behringer TO800, or the Digitech BadMonkey (i have one) are very hard to beat.




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I'm still lovin' my Arion Tubulator. Combined with an EVJr its a sweet setup.

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