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Madeira by Guild acoustic

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Hey everyone,
I'm looking into getting a new acoustic and my guitar teacher recommended looking at old Guilds. I found one on Craigslist, going for $250, original owner. Its a Madeira by Guild circa 1976 and is in good shape by the looks of it (I haven't played it yet but I will). Does anyone have one of these, the A-30M to be precise? What are your experiences? Are these as good as a normal Guild? What did you pay for it?

Thanks a lot for the help peeps!


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I have a Madeira A30-R. Not sure what the difference is. My father picked it up in a pawnshop somewhere and wanted to learn to play. It has some fret wear, was dried out very badly, had bad strings and someone had sanded the saddle down too far. This one has an adjustable bridge. I did some cleaning, oiling, dressing and set up on it and it sounds pretty good to me. I stole it from him after he gave up. Operator error is it's biggest problem now.
Pricewise I think he gave in the $150 range for his. Can't say whether it's really worth that. For my level of playing skill any guitar would probably work.

Not much help to you but it's all I got. I couldn't find much info on this one when I took it over.


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Hi there!

Was poking around Harmony Central's reviews and saw a couple for Madeiras which jogged my memory about your request. If you haven't seen them before, the URL is

Just scroll down to the Madeira's. They don't have the model you listed but it may give you so insight

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Resurrect: I came across this post while surfing the net and wanted to include some info for others who stumble across it.

I don't think Madeira is as good as a real Guild. After all, it was Guilds budget-line. But they are good guitars, especially for a beginner and for lugging around to the campfire and such. You should pay between $100-200 from an individual for a good one and that might even include a case.

I found tons of great info about Madeira here:

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I actually have an old Madeira electric bass.

Hardly any information out there about it.

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