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I was looking at a video demo of this software 'Master Writer' on the website a few days ago and it looks quite promising and had good reviews, but my question is "has anyone here used this software or considered it at all?"

This software has a number of features including thesaurus/rhyming dictionary/Pop-Culture dictionary/Alliterations Dictionary and a recorder for melodies etc, amongst others.

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Seems like an expensive collection of otherwise free stuff. There are tons of such dictionaries online, plenty of free MIDI sequencers with free drum loops. I don't get it, to be honest. Apart from that I don't even understand why someone would need a computer program to write lyrics.

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Yeah, I think you'd get more traction out of purchasing a good dictionary, a good thesaurus, a good rhyming dictionary, a literary dictionary, and a couple dozen notepads and pens . . .

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