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mexican strats...go...
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mexican strats...good or bad???

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opinions please.....have my GAS seeker in gear

new retail in the UK is around £330 about $600 for the basic model

what did the drummer get on his I.Q. test?....


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they can be fine. you really need to look at as many as you can. wrokmanship quailty does vary. also, two guitars could look great, but one will play and sound better.
good hunting.

yow, 600hundred. they are so inexpensive stateside.

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Have you looked at any used MIA Strats????
Probably go for around $750 + U.S.


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I have found one i like, but have tried others i hate. So try as many as possible.


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I have one at it's fine for the price I paid

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The only way to know is to go yourself and try one out in the guitar store. In general, Fender Standard are good guitars from the reviews seen on the net.

Good Luck !

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they're not bad. a little noisier than mia's, and the neck isn't quite as smooth, but they're close to the mia's in quality and are a huge step up from squires

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My Strat is MIM although it isn't a Standard, it is a Custom Shop Designed. I'm very happy with it, I don't play my other guitars...

But I'm with Rahul, try one in a guitar store. There are big differences between two Fender guitars. When I bought mine I played a lot of them and I found great MIMs and "no so good" MIAs.

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I've got one too. I don't do a whole lot with it these days as I'm really comfortable with a couple of other guitars doing rhythm. What little lead I do, though, I do on it. I like it enough, but don't know enough to tell how much better I would like the American version. I think my opinion would not be "bad", but you can certainly do better if you had the bank.

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