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Music Stands

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I was wondering if anyone with experience using music stands could offer some advice. I'm looking for answers on...

1. Optimal price range. (what is the best price to performance ratio. how much is too much? What is that sweet spot?)

2. Best material (Is light weight aluminum the best, or a plastic/composite)

3. Features you wish your stand included. (do you wish that it folded for easier storage, or for it to be easier to adjust)

4. Useless features that were included with your music stand but were not needed. (any options that were included that you felt could have been left out to lower the price of the product.)

5. Accessories you purchased to improve functionality of music stand. (ex: pick holders. What did you buy to make it better.)

6. Where you most used your stand.

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I find this question interesting, because it seems to me that the answer would vary greatly depending on the particular use for the stand. For example, I only use stands for practice at home, mostly when sitting. I suspect my perfect stand it quite different than someone who uses their stand mainly for performing, and mostly standing.

But, for me, I'll attempt to answer the questions:

1. I believe I spent between $15-25 for the two stands I have now. That seems about right to me.

2. Both my stands are metal, I assume aluminum or some other lightweight metal. My portable stand is almost too light-weight, it flexes quite a bit. I wouldn't want it made from anything more flexible (like plastic).

3. If you could find a way to make a stand that has the large, one piece, rigid metal music tray yet still folded up in some way, I think that would be a worthwhile feature. I love the stability of my stand with that rigid tray, but I bought a second, more flimsy stand for portability for exactly that reason.

4. The adjustment on the bottom of both my stands, offering various positions of the tripod legs seems redundant. I don't use it.

5. I can't think of anything. I've not bolted, glued, or clamped on anything to my stands, so I guess they are pretty full-featured out of the box.

6. Like I said, I use my stands for practice primarily. I have two practice areas in my house. One more of a dedicated rehearsal space, and I leave my less portable, heavier duty, stand there. The other is a small corner of my bedroom. I have a more portable stand I use there, or if I need to take one somewhere.

I hope this helps.