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My Warm-up Song

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Hi everyone, i'm kinda new and i wanted to get to see some faces in the forums so... here goes.

do you know those songs? those songs you know so well you don't even have to think about while you play them, those songs that you can both play and listen to on the same time?

I know every guitarist, hell, any musician has some of these. and i know that i get to that level of playing only with songs that i feel connected too. they could be hard or simple, it dosen't matter, but the fact is that you can actually hear yourself play them and concentrate on listening for once...

I play classic guitar and so i have a very tight scedual for practicing the guitar, but before i even start technique practice (which is the first thing i do when i pick up the guitar) I have this sudden urge to play one of this songs, one of those songs that i know will make me feel better about the coming 30 minutes of technique.
playing one of these songs is like answering that little, annoying, and some time appealing, voice in your head telling you "why are you doing this? you don't enjoy thecnique practice!" or "that solo is IMPOSSIBLE, theres no way your getting that down!"
it's like you can answer it if you listen to yourself playing one of those songs and remind yourself why you are struggling.
you love music, you love listening and playing music. and for me, that reminder is all i need to get through a though part at a song or getting faster on a complex scale or anything.

i can tell you that i have alot of songs that i know very well, but not all of them go in that list.
i really love playing J. Cardoso's Milonga, which is a Beautiful, slow, and very musical piece.
i also recently learned Steve Howe's Mood For A Day, which is a great great song from the Fragile album by yes.
another piece i love and know is Antonio Lauro Vals Creollo which i find enchnting (not vals-like at all!)

If you've read this far you must be brave... :) and i'll be happy to hear your thoughts about it and also which songs are like that with you.

Yours with Friendship, classico

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Hey classico, I think this is the first time I see you so hi. 8) To answer your question, I'm one of the unfortunate few who doesn't know any song. I stopped playing covers two years ago or so and forgot *all*, can't play a single one all the way through. What's worse I can't even remember the songs I wrote myself. So everytime I pick it up I just try to write a new one so I have someting to play that day.

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Hi ignar, nice to meet :D
it's not the end of the world if you don't know any songs perfectly, what i meant in the last post was that in a though spot and you feel like you just can't get it, you should always remind yourself why you are doing this, it dosn't have to be a song you play yourself, altough i feel it's a great way to kinda step back and look at what you've already accomplished, you can listen to a song that inspires you or a song that you aim to someday play, sometimes that's just the thing to give you a boost and energize you so you can cut the roots and move on.

and so, i refraize my question: i know that when i'm feeling like i want to throw my guitar out of the window in fraustration about a part i just can't get down i stop for a minute and play a song i love. what does it for you? do you guys like to stop for a minute and listen to a great song to give you motivasion? do you just keep on digging on the hard stuff till you get it?
do you prefer to play an old song to remind yourself what you've been through to this point? i really want to know what is your way to keep going :D

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i really want to know what is your way to keep going :D

I go to work all day which puts me in a depressed mood (I don't like it very much).
To get over it I could drink heavily or play my guitar. Don't really have time for much else.
Guitar is a far more constructive choice.

But as you really asked about - I mix some short bursts of technique or theory time with playing songs I do well and the comforting mastery of the nice songs enables me to go back to learning new material. The now-playable songs remind me that at one time they seemed difficult.

"6 string tranquilizer" - correct concept.

(indeterminate, er, intermediate fingerstyle acoustic)

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i don't really have a warm up song. i just keep playing the same ones over and over hooing they'll get better and they have but now they don't. i need a new approach to the old songs, i'm afraid.

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I usually do paganini's 24th and 5th caprices. Just a few bars in though, since anything further is just crazy for me at this point in my guitarslinging.

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