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Just walked out of day two of NGW. Went last year with my son, and we had a good time, but learned quickly that you don't question certain teachers as they are there in as much of a babysitting role as a teaching role. Didn't see eye to eye with some of my instructor's opinions - but - hey it's his class - even if I am dropping $500 on it.

Anyhow - I return this year for their songwriting class. And my teacher last year has been promoted to Music Director. Well - first thing they do is create Ensembles for a friday night recital (which was cool last year and we did some good songs). So what happens - the MD (my former teacher) parks me in the kiddie group where the biggest question is 'which is the A string again?"... Wow - what a big you are not welcome here.....

Kind of the same things with the songwriting class - 'I'm into Paul Simon - so we're all going to learn to wrtie like him, and if we have time, maybe we'll do something else (like study Paul Simon clones).

My advice - look into NGW before you drop your hard earned caseh on it for yourself or your kids. Make sure your teacher isn't an arrogant arts-starved wanna be, and that your world views align with theirs.. Otherwise, you'll get parked with the kiddies doing ca-chunk ca-chunk - fast change at 40 bpm 12 bar blues.