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Need Advice On Pedal, Amp and Guitar

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Ok so it sounds like the Line6 amps aren't all that good, so is there any other amp that has the same options as the SPider 3 but better quality amp?

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Well, if you get one of the DigiTech (or similar) pedals, you'll get all of the sounds that the Spiders make, plus more. You'll also get a pedal tuner, and depending on which model you get, a USB interface for recording and checking your progress. I'm not slagging off Line6 because I'd give my left testicle for a FlexTone, but I just think the Spiders are so limited in what they can do.

If you really have to have that all in one type of amp, maybe look at a VOX or Roland Cube instead. I think they do a much better job than the Spiders.


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For versatility for different sounds and without spending 10's of thousands of dollars to buy each individual amp brand/type one of the best and economical ways is to go:

Tube Amp 5w-10w for a good clean(superb to Solid State Amps), neutral and loud enough base.
OR A pair of Active (powered) studio monitors and any one of the mid to upper (price point) lines of Amp modeller/Multi-Efx units.

This set up could be:
a. Epi Valve Jr with a line 6 Pod or V-Amp or Alesis/Korg, or Zoom or Boss ME-50 or GT-8
(you could spend from $80 to $450+ for a good/great Multi-Efx unit)
b. Fender Blues Jr with one of the above
c. Powered Studio Monitors with one of the above

Here's a link to a great comparo: It's alot to read but good 'homework'.

Depends on what you want to do. If your looking to play live and gig with the thing and you already have your sound or your style of music is pretty much set, get a Tube amp up to a 30w and a few pedals (pick one or two or three).

If, however you're like me and what a wide variety of possible tones and you're at home and tinkering/practicing/learning, then you don't need the screaming power of anything above 10w for the amp. Then its a matter of choice/taste for your pedals/Multi Efx/Amp Sims.

My at home/bedroom rig is a pair of powered Behringer Truth Monitors with a Boss GT-8. Phones out of the GT-8 into my Line in on my PC for recording. This set up allows me to create and play a huge amount of tones and amp models with yet another huge amount of effects, if I want them. I can get from Hard Metal dropped D sounds to Crisp clean chimey tones to Bluesy Crunch tones name it.

If I'm going to go to a friends house and play or jam with or if I ever get into a band, I'll either take my Marshall VS65R (a Craigs List score for $100) or my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (a used in the Music Store score for $350) and I may or may not bring my GT-8 with me. I usually don't play my amps at home simply because they're too loud and are over kill.

Just some more possibilities and I wanted to offer you because I think you'll be limiting yourself too narrowly by getting the Spider...

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I would recommend the class A full tube Fama GTA-15, it's handmade in Russia and sold by MusicStore Köln (Europe's largest). MusicStore ships everywhere in the world.

Its sound is very nice, and people often compare it to another full tube amp from Vox that costs a lot more. I went to MusicStore about one and a half year ago, when I last went to Germany, and tested it. No need to say that I came home with a heavy pice of hand luggage :P. If you speak German or French, you'll find tons of reviews on-line (or use Google's translation service).

The only problem is that now I'm living in an appartment, and I can't really push its volume to more than 5 (it's very loud), which prevents me from really enjoying its overdrive.

BTW, is it true that if I use a boost pedal I can get the tube's overdrive without having to go too loud?

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