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New acoustic/electric guitar.

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I was at Guitar Center today and found 2 nice looking guitars. Acoustic/electric. A Mitchell MD100SCE, and a Fender CD140SCE. The Mitchell is 230$ and the fender is 300$. I like how both sound, but The fender sounds a little better. Any opinion's on these? If I get the 300$ one, it'll be pushing my budget.

(I also saw an Alveraz at a pawn shop, 280$. I didn't get the model number though. Is it a good idea to buy from pawn shops?

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Well, I know absolutely nothing of your guitar knowledge and experience so I'm going to assume none, don't be offended by that, just covering my bases...

I have never heard of Mitchel guitars and so have no idea of their quality. From my experience, Fender acoustics are not all that great and Alvarez are hit and miss. Your best bet is to either wait a little longer and save some money for a higher quality instrument OR take a guitar playing friend with you and have him look over the guitars and play them so you can hear what they sound like without having to think about your own playing.

Also, do you need electronics in the guitar? Are you going to plug it in? If not, invest more money into the guitar itself and buy an aftermarket pickup later.

Finally, it's fine to buy from a pawn shop/used guitars as long as you or someone you know can look at the instrument and tell if it is actually worth the price and there is nothing seriously wrong with it.

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Get the model number on the Alvarez if you can, the higher end ones can be pretty nice. Don't get too excited because it might be junk, but it's worth a shot. And yes, see if you know anyone who can check out the condition for you.