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New Fender Stratocaster VG

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I'm not sure what to think about this, according to the ad i guess i only need one guitar now...

Fender VG Stratocaster Electric Guitar Features:

*American Series Strat®
*Ash body
*Maple neck
*Maple or Rosewood Fretboard
*3 single coil pickups
*3-ply parchment pickguard
*Chrome hardware
*Master Volume
*Master Tone

*New Mode function 5 way Rotary Selector
*Virtual Ash bodied Strat (for use of tuning function)
*Virtual Telecaster
*Virtual Two-Humbucker Strat
*An assortment of 5 acoustics, from Dreadnought to Resonator
*5-way blade switch

*Tune function rotary control
*Normal regular tuning
*Drop D
*Open G
*Baritone/Low B
*12 string

Lurking beneath its classic Strat exterior are 37 sounds based on Strat, Tele, humbucker Strat and acoustic, as well as 5 tunings, but the aesthetic and cosmetic of the Strat remains intact. Even better, the VG Stratocaster delivers level, balanced tone and volume across all these remarkable functions, so that you won't need to continually readjust amp settings with each change in guitar sound.

No unique hardware necessary to use the VG Strat guitar: no special 13-pin or USB cables, no power supply or input box. It plugs in and plays like any electric guitar. All you'll notice visually are 2 additional knobs on the VG Strat's pickguard, plus a small LED and an inconspicuous Roland® GK bridge pickup. The 2 additional knobs are a Mode Control knob and a Tuning Function knob.

The Mode Control Knob between a Virtual version of the Ash bodied Strat (for use of the tuning function), a virtual Telecaster, virtual 2-humbucker Strat, and an assortment of 5 acoustics, from Dreadnought to Resonator. The 5-way blade switch switches you between sounds in the modeling modes just like on a regular guitar.

Tune function rotary control lets you choose between Normal regular tuning, Drop D, Open G, DADGAD, Baritone/Low B, and 12 string. The tuning function does not work in Normal mode when circuit is bypassed. Tuning function is also relative if you tune down to E flat, all of these tunings will transpose down a half step. Since guitarists don't have to turn a single tuning key, a major benefit of all these instant tuning changes is that the string tension remains the same and the guitar itself feels the same.

Fender's VG Stratocaster is the result of a 10-year research and design partnership between Fender and music technology pioneer Roland Corporation. The VG's development followed a commitment to "The Complex Art of Keeping It Simple." Developers spent time and great effort working out intricate details so that you can just plug in and play. Their goal: a balance of usability and tech the more functionality added to an instrument, the more complex it becomes. Fender kept it pared down so it could really be used in a live setting. They stayed with Fender sounds Strat®, Tele®, Humbucking pickups and acoustics. No unique hardware is necessary to use the VG Strat guitar: no special 13-pin or USB cables, no power supply or input box. It plugs in and plays like any electric guitar, and no phonebook sized manual is necessary it is built for 5 minute mastery, and is easy to use and understand.

The VG Stratocaster is an American Series Strat featuring the classic sleek, contoured body shape, 3 American Series single-coil pickups with five-position switching, a maple neck with a maple or rosewood fingerboard, a synchronized tremolo bridge, a 3-ply parchment pickguard and chrome hardware.


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youtube demo vid from winter NAMM


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Looks fantastic, how much does it cost, would it simulate '50s sound pups and noisless?

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I was watching the videos tonight! Currently I'm suffering a kind of GAS attack and I was reviewing stores and main guitar manufacturers websites and, suddenly, the VG appeared...

According to the official Fender prices, the VG is around $2,500.

In the Fender site there also are more videos with better sound. The problem with the YouTube one is there are more people playing other guitars.

I don't know if it can make all those sounds and how do it do. I mean, I was playing an electric with acoustic pick-ups, a Peavey or a Jackson, I don't remember the brand, and everybody shared the same opinion in the store: it sounded great but it wasn't a "real" sound. Probably the VG could sound as a Tele but I don't know how will sound as an acoustic or a humbuking...

Anyway, I have to plan several visits to my usual stores! :evil: