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new foo fighters/3 guitar assault

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was skeptic at first when i found out they brought Pat Smear back in, you dont see many bands these days with three heavy handed guitar players.
but there is some wicked stuff going on here.
With Butch Vig behind the controll and recording straight to tape i think the outcome speaks for itself.
potentially this formula could just end up being over saturated, and in the past ive only seen lighter pop bands like the eagles pull it off.
but i must say hats off boys!
it one hellva rock and roll record..

anyone else have opinons on this 3 guitar formula, or know of other examples in the modern world?

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Counting Crows use a 3-guitar lineup

My concern with Foo Fighters was that Chris Shiflett can shred; there was no need to bring in another axeman.

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I like the Foo Fighters.

I am hoping to see Lynyrd Skynyrd in July, and will quickly find out if they have 3 guitars - 7 guys in the group now I believe.

What to expect? - maybe 2 Les Pauls and a Strat. Somebody needs a Tele?

Verifying the link's accuracy, I see we need to go to "Simple Life", see the guitars right away up front, even if it is "staged".

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I'm all about the Foo Fighters at the moment and saw there documentary on them a few weeks ago. Pat always has a standing offer to be in the band according to Dave, but his inclusion on the latest record doesn't necesasrily mean he's staying long term.

But Dave did ention that the Foo Fighters are a guitar driven band so having three fits.

For the most parts each is only playing a fairly simple but different line thent he other guitar player so it doesn't come out overly saturated but does give it a much fuller sound.

I just learned their new single Rope but unless I play along with the CD I don't have anyone to play it with.

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Well they definitely have done some serious arranging with the new album. I've been working on Dear Rosemary (my new fav Foo Fighter song) and the guitar parts are definitely "composed" for a lack of a better word.

Each guitar part is very different it's not just playing a different voicing of the same chord.

It's pretty cool.

"It's all about stickin it to the man!"
It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll!