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New Guitar Advice - up to $1,400

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If you want to spend more money, Ibanez makes some screaming shredder models in the RGX series. Awesome finishes.too.


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i'd try to find a raunchy used 70's lp. i played one once that was about twice as thick as a studio and sounded like armageddon.

or a g&l tele and a prs singlecut with p-90s, although that has nothing to do with what you seem to like. just what i'm craving at the moment. but if you're going to go the fender route, at least check out g&l. the l stands for leo fender, and most people like them better.

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Heck, you could get the PRS for $500 and the American Fender for $1,000 and talk the sales staff down the $100 easy enough and cover about everything you'd need for your $1,400. :)

And you're the guy with migraines?

I really like the way you think!!

I second the motion!

Thats the ticket

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