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New Ovation iDea

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Anyone read about these yet? I saw an article in the Courant and thought it was a pretty interesting concept. Looks like the price will be somewhere below $600.,0,4811787.story

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Looks like the price will be somewhere below $600.

They are selling the preamp/recorder as a $300 aftermarket component. Seems pricey.

If it's a good preamp (and Ovation reportedly makes some very good ones), then why put it in their low-end Celebrity line? Not saying there's anything wrong with the Celebrities, but that is their low-end offering (excluding Applause) ... Is it comparable to the preamp in the Balladeer or higher-end offerings? Guess we'll have to wait for reviews.

Interesting iDea though. (Pardon the pun.)

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This is a home run for me. I spend most of my time with my acoustic guitar in my living room, on the couch with a small digital recorder in front of me. Often the recorder does not pick up softer notes or notes with long duration. It cuts out on me. So for me, this would be a nice bonus. I wonder how much memory it has. Will it be capable of recorder 20 minutes or so? That would have an impact on my decision.

Like Slej said, I'm curious as to why they put it on the Celebrity series. Maybe because of the target audience.(beginners and intermeadiates) The tone of the guitar may put me off.

I may have to give this a test drive.

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