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New Year Resolutions

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To improve my reading music notation. I can read and I can sight read with others instruments but not with guitar so I guess I will work on this skill along the year.

To improve my improvisation. I do improvise over chord changes mainly by using scale notes and simple licks. Lately I am including arpeggios in my practice routine and I want to include them in my lines.

To learn new guitar chord voices. Some voices sound very nice but my fingers need some time to get used to the fingerings. Usually I have lots of problems when the chord requires my four fingers!

To learn songs. I like to use instruction books because the author -usually a very experienced guitar teacher- defines the goals, the plan and the exercises. However, I realized I almost don't know songs! Maybe a new song each month?

To keep exploring and learning theory and how to apply to my playing.

And last but not least, to try to write a song. I "wrote" several instrumentals but I never wrote lyrics for any song. David usually encourages me to do it and I'd love to participate in the SSG forum in an active way but I find it very, very hard to do. I guess I will need your help here...

Added: To play together with someone.

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Sounds good nuno! Are you playing together with someone currently? If not add that to the list.

Me - maybe once more start practice guitar? Or simply play more. I enter the year with three bands. To play live with each of them during the year sounds like a plan

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Done! Thanks. Definitely it would improve my playing...

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Silly as it sounds, I'd like to start get some serious practicing time on my schedule. Because I play all the time, practice is almost always the first thing tossed out when there are too many other things to do. Now if it's about a specific gig, then it's back on. But having a legitimate, set-aside space for practice would be a great step for the upcoming year.

Here's hoping I can make it happen.


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I'm....not going to make any New Year's Resolutions. Top of my list, usually, is quit smoking -as it has been for the last 30 years or so, since my first child was born. Still never managed to keep that one. But this year, I'm going to take every day as it comes, and try and take something positive out of it it. The last 21 months have been it's time to look forward and be positive.

So this year, I'm going to pick up the guitar at every opportunity - nice easy promise to keep! - and write every single thought down, in the hope I get a good lyric out of it. I do have one promise to keep - I have unfinished business in a certain forum - but that'll have to wait for David's official announcement!

So all the best for 2014.... hope you all get to keep those resolutions.

Here's looking forward to a ROCKIN' good GN year, and all the best to all my GN friends!

:D :D :D


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I can relate to that one David.

Just before the year end, I started allocating individual nights to bits of what I needed to practise - jazz on Monday, Early Music on Tuesday, Big Band Wednesday and so on. It sort of almost worked for a couple of weeks, then I got something to do on Tuesdays.

I've not made any New Year Resolutions except to practise my drawing skills more; maybe I should add some musical resolutions to that short list.

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MAN I do hate resolutions, but you know... its better to make, one and try... then to give up before you even start. The last few months have been utter ciaos for me. I've have had woefully little time to touch a guitar. I really need to get way more playing time in. After a busy day at work, and then tending the family, instead of taking that 1/2 hour of wind down time plopping my butt on the couch, I have to start picking up the guitar again. I need to get out playing with others. Now that the doldrums of winter are here that should be a achievable goal. I need to learn some more songs, backwards, forwards, ingrained in my mind... I have so many that I can do bits of, can play with chord charts, or play with tab in front of me... I need to KNOW them... For now I'm going to stick with those. Achievable, and all will build me up to where I want to be as a musician.

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Don't have any ....... already been doing them. 8) Eating healthy, lost 25 lbs, drinking less beer, playing my Gibson guitars instead of letting them rot in the cases while I play the bargain basement models. (I still play those some times too) Learning new songs, buying less gear ..... OK, I did buy that SGJ but traded an amp for it so no net gain. Oh yeah, and I quit my job. I ditched the management job and went back into the old one. That is a resolution; it was a resolution to be myself and do what I thought was right. Long story but I'm happier now although a little poorer. :wink:

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Guitar actually helped me to quit smoking some years ago, I got it in my head that instead of obsessing about cigs, I would obsess about guitar. Got a whole lot better during that time too.