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Noob wants Acoustic...
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Noob wants Acoustic/Electric.

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Hi everyone, first post. I am not a total beginner. I played in some bands back in the 70's. Been away from the 6 string for a while. Need some suggestions on a Acoustic/Electric Under $300 Looking at the Dean,Ibanez,Takamine,Yamaha,ETC looking for something I can play at home no Amp and Play at church with amp. Prefer a cutaway style. Thanks

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I have a Martin Sigma DM-1STCE Cutaway Acoustic-Electric solid top. it's really nice sounding & well made.
It looks like they are discontinued though. Would be worth watching Ebay for.

Alvarez is another brand to look at.

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At the $300 dollar market most of the names you mentioned are in hot competetion and want your money if/when you upgrade. The best is truly personal preference of sound and look as you try out the available models.

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Check out Alavarez guitars. I've owned two of their acoustics and have been very happy with them.

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I have a friend who plays a really inexpensive Dean and for the money it sounds great. I'm a Taylor man myself, but you won't find one in that price range unless you go used.

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