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Not sure

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Or Agile. They're a step above the comparable Epis IMO.

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Wow, alot of replies while i was sleeping.

and wow, did that make me look at the Squiers a little differently. uh, i guess I might try one out today if I go into gutiarcenter...But I guess for the lower price it comes down to Squier vs. Pacifica. I can get both with a bridge humbucker, just in case I need it.

And can someone tell me the main difference between a tele and a strat? I never really knew, except the tele's look way different...I was thinking the tele's are more for jazzy stuff, but someone humor me, please.

I emailed the local shop to see if they will even buy used guitars, but I' not really sure if they use there email so i might just have to bring it in. Most stores just look online for the price of it and cut it in half...but they dont sell these online anymore, its a step up from the RG2EX1, and hopefully they know that.

And is there a sticky somewhere or a websites talking about wood for gutiar body's and necks? I would kinda like to look at what the different wood tone sounds like. Maybe it doesn't matter that much but I would just like to see.


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