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Nylon string guitar suggestions?

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Hi all,
I play mostly acoustic steel string, only use the electric at night unplugged to keep it quiet for practice. I went to Guitar Center today to check out a nylon string classical or Spanish guitar, I loved it at first play. Anybody play nylon have suggestions for a solid top model, that won't set me back to much? I don't want to go all solid because it may take a beating. Also will the finish have any effect on the sound, all my guitars are matte finish because I like the look, and most of the nylon ones seemed to be shiny.

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You're bound to get all sorts of answers depending on your price range. I'm personally very fond of the brand La Patrie, which is owned by La Si Do (they make Seagull acoustics). Just like the Seagull, they are (relatively) inexpensive and have a great quality in terms of sound and construction.

Just as with any guitar, though, you owe it to yourself to try out as many different ones as you can to see what works best for you.

Best of luck with the search!


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I play guitars by Alhambra and Admira on stage - both have a range of solid-top affordable guitars.

The finish won't have any effect on your sound. Your technique will effect the sound, though; and the classical guitar is very unforgiving of sloppy technique - any number of rock guitarists spend some time in the classical guitar world to improve their technique.

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This is my suggestion
Yamaha makes also grat classical guitars