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OMG !! Look at this...
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OMG !! Look at this...

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Well , i have been fairly keeping off the boards , but , i guess i have to post this link -

I mean , look at the no. of members there , the total topics posted and some individual members have gone over 8000 !! and its all meant for one man.

Never knew that someone could be that famous.And till now , i used to think that only i am his fan.(lately i have shifted my sympathies somewhat towards harrison ...)

This is the biggest forum , i have seen so far , if measure by numbers.Anyone beating it ? :shock:

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Do you mean by board or by celebrity?

There are much larger boards out there member wise, and topic wise. Just not all of them are about celebrities.

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I think all of us here would accept that Paul McCartney is rightly bigger than Guitar Noise

However, I wonder if the great man himself has made as many posts as Nick

A :-)

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I'd also contend that number mean darn little . . .

Some of the greatest musicians in history have been remain little known, while I wouldn't be at all surprised to find a board dedicated to Britney Spears to have a few thousand or more members.

Confusing popularity with quality is an easy trap to fall into.

That's not to say that McCartney himself provides low quality, but the posts from Paul section has 10 total posts in it . . .

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