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pet sounds vs sgt p...
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pet sounds vs sgt peppers

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i prefer pet sounds. it's just a million times more complex and original, and i think the writing is better. it's a completely sick concept album.

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Really different albums...... and I wouldn't know which to chose because the fact is _ I'm not choosing _ I own them both.
If you were asking which I thought was the better band though - I'm a Beatles head through and through.

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Easy for me. I had the pet sounds albalm.. Had a few songs I liked, but it just didnt do anything for me... But then agean, I think Rubber soal, and Revolver were far more ground brkeing then Sgt pepper...

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I couldn't choose, both superb. I would also add another album released around the same time into the mix, The Velvet Underground & Nico. I can't choose between them.