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Quality guitar for a beginner?

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I am wanting to purchase a new guitar and learn how to play. I have fallen in love with the Jay Turser Les Paul JT-220 model. Looking for opinions from people who know about guitars as to whether this is a good quality guitar and if it is a good one for a beginner. I have read some reviews online, and they are all positive, but they also sound like they were all written by the same person. Any comments would help. Thanks!

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Well, from the Jay Turser website, you get

Alder body, contoured flame maple top
Set neck, rosewood fingerboard
regular LP looaklike pick guard
and a pair of humbuckers

and it looks just like a regular LP clone, so unless the workmanship's a bit defective you probably can't go that far wrong. Make sure you ask the shop to do a proper setup on it before you part with cash.

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Seems like a nice guitar. May I just offer Rondo Music up as an alternative with their Agile AL2000?

There is a demo video on the page and they come in alot of different flavors. I own 3 of them, an AL 2000, an AL 2500 and an AL3000. I love them all.

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