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Quick Amp question?
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Quick Amp question?

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I am currently using a Peavey Vyper 30w amp, which is a combo solid state amp, and I am considering getting a tube amp. The reason being is because I have been told recently by ALOT of fellow musicians that a tube amp is the way to go. I dont use any of the effects on my current amp because I have a multi-effects pedal. I know that when you read reviews of amps they say "O well this isnt really for heavy metal" but they are just talking about the straight amp tones. So does it not matter what amp I have since I am using pedals? Anyways, I was looking at the Jet City JCA20H tube amp head and the JCA12S cabinet. I read lots of reviews that said this is an incredible simple 1 channel amp. The only issue I read was that it didnt have effects loop, but what do I care cus I have a multi-fx pedal. I normally just set my current amp to a clean channel and turn the effects on. I play mostly metal and some blues. I also dont need a $2000 amp cus all I do is practice at home and small gigs. If you have any suggestions whether I should keep my current amp or switch plz let me know.

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There's a lot of snobbery attached to valve amps, and a whole load of it is attached to the idea that you have to have them to sound good. Yes, they do have a very nice sound, but.......

Given the choice, and limitless cash, I would have a VOX AC30; but it's a bit too lightweight for my Big Band gigs. I wouldn't mind a nice little JCM800 plugged into a coupla 412s but the head on its own can cost as much as the VOX and I need to fit in with the band rather than look like some kind of muppet showing off.

You do not need valves. Dimebag Darrel used solid state. Peavey make very good kit. Stick with what you have.

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If you HAVE to have a tube amp look at the Fender Super Champ XD 15watt very nice amp....

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My friend that I have in norway has a hughes and ketner head and I think a different thing for his cabinet - but the H+K head is incredible, has some effects on which though don't compete with say a real fx pedal are pretty cool and the distortion is amazing metal distortion and can sound classic rock if you pull back on it....... very very nice! I still prefer my Vintage Modern because I mostly play the Hendrix, Cream, Chili peppers, people who always pull back on their gain and I have a few pedals to push the amp if I want to sound heavy!

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First, with pedals you can do metal into any tube amp and that Jet City would probably do nicely with them.

Second, although I am fond of tube amps (have and have had a variety of them) I have 2 Peavey VYPYR amps, a 15 and a 75 and they emulate tube sound very well. That said I am favoring my Peavey classic 30 and Peavey Windsor at the moment. I own an Epiphone Valve Junior half stack and a Valve Special. I have in the past owned a couple Marshall JCM900's. All of this said, I am happy when using my VYPYR amps.

So .... my advice is you don't need a tube amp, as Alan said, the snobbery and all, but you will also likely enjoy one. If you can afford it and want it, get it ....... but you don't need it.

Good luck!

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