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Recommendations for Small Combo Amp (5W & under)

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Try this out if $ isn't a big issue:
I believe there are sound and video samples there if you look for em.

I think they run around $475 and you'd need a speaker cab too of course. [edit: I didn't notice you specified combo]

The Zvex stuff I own is all very top shelf and worth every penny I paid for it. :D

Good luck!


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If money isn't a huge concern, check out the Koch Studiotone. It's 20W but has a build-in attenuator, an excellent 12"speaker, it's all tube, had direct-recording options, spring reverb, three channels and an effects loop. It's ofcourse in a completely different pricerange compared with the EVJ but it's also in quite a different class. And if you're still in doubt, it's Dutch, so it's gotta be good. :lol:

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If you haven't decided on an amp yet, I would have to give a +1 to the Vox Valvetronix line. I have the AD30VT-XL which is 30 watts, but you can adjust down to less than 1 watt if desired. I usually play mine at about the 15 watt setting and love it.

Paid less than $150 for it brand new: #

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