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Recommendations on an Electric Guitar under £400

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Hi there everyone, new to this forum and a relative beginner to guitar.

A couple of years ago got a Squier Strat (affinity.) Its served me relatively well and as it was the only guitar I had ever played I thought it was alright. THEN I went round a mates house and he finally let me play his Fender '72 Custom Tele.

It was in such a different league to my squier that it made me realise how much that guitar has held back my progression on this instrument. It had no buzzing on the strings (which my squier does as a matter of course) and it was just so much easier to play (as well as producing a much nicer sound through the same amp I put my squier through)

Since then I have vowed to invest some decent money into a new guitar that should hopefully help my playing etc.

Here are my basic requirements:

I need an electric guitar that is an upgrade from my Squier Strat

Max Price: About £400 (though if there is a particularly fitting guitar slightly more expensive I could be made to go up!)

Used or New: Only New (I don't know enough about guitars so would be worried about getting ripped off with a lemon. Unfortunately I don't have my mate up here at uni (in london) so can't ask for his help)

Type of Music: I'm mostly interested in indie, specifically radiohead, Arcade Fire also like a bit of pink floyd, though I do like playing Blues and jazz as well so overall I would like a relatively versatile guitar.

I don't want a guitar with a Tremelo after the annoyance the one on my squier has been!

My current equipment: Peavey Rage 158 amp, Boss Metal Zone MT-2 Pedal.

I know the amp is a bit rubbish hence I will be upgrading that soon to complement the new guitar. Not sure how the pedal rates as my dad just gave it to me one day. It performs its job of adding a bit of distortion when i need it (something the amp cant do too well)

I am currently in london so will be getting this guitar from a store in the area (any recommendations would be great) I would also like to part exchange my Squier so if you have any idea what its worth that would be fantastic too (its in sunburst and is in very good condition)

Cheers to anyone that can give any advice


EDIT incidently a couple of guitars I've looked at

Fender Standard Tele
I like the Tele but have heard the quality varies dramatically.

Ibanez SZ520FM
I like the idea of getting this as all the reviews portray it as pretty good, and its a bit different from all the strats and teles my mates have, but is it as good?

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Hve a look at the Fender lite Ash tele, G+L ASAT tribute (tele-alike), the new Vintage advance series (thinline tele-like), also at that price or meaybe a teeny bit more have a serious look at Gordon Smith guitars - UK hand made to order (a few UK stockists, sure there must be one in that London) - a GS1.5 or GS2 is very close to your price and they are stunning quality (I have one - see my avatar-that same guitar is on their site, the GS1.5-40). Very versatile and wide range of sounds and a great neck. Seriously worth a look if only for uniqueness value. Barry Hyde of The Futureheads uses a GS2 extensively

Gordon Smith GS1.5-40 Marshall VS65R

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I'd recommend that you look at Burn's guitars, they offer very good quality at reasonable prices. I have a Burns Marquee, which is excellent.

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