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Schecter Gryphon Limited Edition Flametop

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Hey all, I was at Guitar Center tonight buying a guitar for my son's birthday and I asked the sales guy to show me something in the 300 to 400 range for myself. The guitar he showed me was a Schecter Gryphon Limited Edition Flametop.

Anyone have any opinions on this guitar? In my limited exposure, I had never heard of it and thus told the guy that I would pass until I could do some research. The reviews for it seem to be pretty good.

So, I'm thinking of stopping by after work tomorrow and taking another look at it, but I wanted to see if you all had any opinions.


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I think thats about the only Schecter I haven't tried! :lol:

Schecter puts together a nice package. To me, the necks are fast and the frets are perfect.

I would go back and give it a good run down. If you don't feel comfortable playing it hooked up to an amp in front of others, have one of the salesman do it for you. Try it on an amp you either have or plan on getting. That way there are no surprises when you get home and it's not what you thought it was.

Also, remember to really "look" at the guitar. Dents and scratchs have discount written all over them! :wink:

Good luck, bud!

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Hi, I bought a Gryphon for my son about 9 months ago. He loves it. It is a well made guitar. I think it is made specially for guitar center, and is essentially one of the C-1 models. Mahogany body, nice smooth maple neck, jumbo frets, graphite nut, grover tuners, push/pull tone control splits the pickups (single coil or double). Much better, higher quality than the MIM strats and Epiphone G-400 he tried out. Play around with it. I agree with Mike, Very smooth neck and nice smooth frets.