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Has anyone else seen the new School of Rock magazine, it comes from the people who made that documentary about Paul Green's School of Rock. The first issue has Led Zeppelin in it, has excerpts from a lot of Guitar Player interviews and lessons. I'm suspecting each issue they will be taking a band and dissecting all of the players styles by presenting interviews and lessons. In this issue they have interviews with all the members taken from the 70's, and even lessons on how to play drums, voice, keyboards, and guitar. Really cool idea for a magazine, if the rest are like this one then i'm gonna get a subscription. Even has an insert to send in a get the next issue free.

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Led Zeppelin? What? :o I'll have to go check it out. 8) Thanks for the heads up. :D


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Yes, I have a subscription. Actually, the School of Rock is franchising schools around the US and I am looking into buying one for my hometown - Colorado Springs, CO. The magazine is great, like everything the school does. And, the magazine is not just for teens - lots of stuff in the first issue that is tasty for us old timers! :lol: