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So I'm not too old ...
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So I'm not too old for this noisy rock stuff? LOL

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Been listening to some of my older albums some of them I don't really like now as much such as Nine Inch Nails but I put the offspring on and I like that more than ever just love the sound they make. Anyone else realised how much they like a band they thought they were too old for?

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Other way round - I've found a couple in my collection that I didn't like that much when I bought them but I've grown into them.

A :-)

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my unproven, but in-my-experience theory is we get neurally rewired to become used to that music to which we listened over and over and over again -- even long ago. so when we dig it out, it's like an old familiar, friendly face and really doesn't seem so hard-edged as when we started listening to it long long ago. I recall liking, yet finding Devo, Tom Waits, Beck (Hanson), AC-DC, NIN, Sex Pistols and many others jarring at first. Now, they just seem good like old friends.

also, give yourself some credit. you might actually have had some good taste as a youth

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I like some NIN.