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So, its time to mov...
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So, its time to move on..

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Well I think its time, it's been over two years already taking classes with the same instructor and recently he told me he was almost done with me. So now its that time, next saturday I'm going to start taking classes with one of his children, a guy named Hermes, he is currently a teacher at a local University ( teaching music ) and he took some convincing because of his busy schedule, but thanks to my teacher being his dad well he'll fit me in.

It won't be as flexible as it currently is with my teacher, classes will be more strict with time and a bit more formal because well they won't be in my house. He looks like a good guy and my first class will be on saturday, I've seen some videos of him on youtube and he is good. I'm just hoping we have good chemistry.

SO any advice on this new teacher thing ? ( like idk tip him ?:P jk ) Like how to act in the first class, what to do? o.o, I'm scared!

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Everyone is a teacher when you are looking to learn.

( wise stuff man! )

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Be respectful and make the most of your time.

You must be getting better if you moving to new challenges. Congrats!


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