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So you think record...
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So you think recording is difficult?

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Bouncing around on YouTube I came across this video of I Will by the Beatles.

Some amazing facts about this song, it took 67 takes! So you folks that think recording is difficult are correct, even for the pros. I also thought it was very interesting that Paul sang the bass line instead of playing it on guitar. Pretty cool.

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I think the only song they spent more time on was "Maxwell's Silver Hammer". Lennon complained that they redid it so many times that he grew to hate the tune.

It's always amazing to me to think of what they did in the studio with equipment that's primitive by today's standards. Nevertheless they produced sonic landscapes that are still difficult to reproduce exactly.

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i think it depends if your a perfectionist or not. Like when I'm recording a solo I suddenly become soooo picky and demand of myself that I get ever last dynamic, whether it be from my left hand, my right or my wah pedal, exactly so...Needless to say I end up often having to do many many takes, and 'jumping in' and editing tiny little bits, unless I decide to lighten up lol.
Im not normally like that about other things tho

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For me, 67 takes is just getting warmed up :D

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I think I have seen somewhere that the entire Please, please me album was finished in 24 hours - so obviously they became more perfectionists over time :D

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Want to see a perfectionist in action? check out this documentary on Beach Boys' Pet Sounds. Brian Wilson was a genius indeed.

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yeah, I'm no genius. I'm not even gifted. I thought I could play until I began recording myself.
lordy, what slop. I was no where near clean enough to record and sound like those cool records I played.
so now, to record a clean perfect lick I feel my approach is similar to a gymnasts'...
it is a routine and you try to stick the landing. over and over, take after take.
the recordings are better. but man, is it hard to do a perfect routine.
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I think recording is more difficult than what an average 'Joe' thinks about it.