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Solid top or laminated

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Perhaps the best option would be to stop with the classical baloney and just buy a Fender acoustic. Everyone knows that Fender makes the best acoustics out there. :twisted:

Obviously I'm kidding, I concur with most posters above that it will probably make no difference. Give each a shot and decide on what you can afford. Yamaha has some very reliable and good-sounding acoustic instruments and if you buy one from a huge company you can usually return it even if it only because you don't like it.

As for $2000 being a benchmark I have paid over 2K for a guitar but of all my guitars that make me go "hmm"I haven't paid a dime over $600 for any of them :roll:

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Here in Brazil Giannini has 6 nylon strings models handmade, the Asturias (mahogany, red cedar top), Savio (Jacaranda, cedar) and Sor (Jacaranda, spruce) ... Di Giorgio has the Master (Kaoba, spruce) and the Rozini has the concertista (Rosewood, spruce) ... all very good ..

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