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Songwriting subconscious

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i am one hellacious piano player in my dreams. in my reality, i can barely play at all.

same here.

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You know it's good not to let the conscious mind hammer too much at your lyrics. The free association of random thought might come up with something good. Then again monkeys might type Shakespeare.

I find that I have better lyrics pop up when day dreaming.

Hey cool new smiley :note2:

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During the day, I wonder about writing songs for various topics. But, at the end of day, I am so tired that the songs are never written...

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Now, if I could just practice guitar in my would free up more time for...

Dream on, Ghost :note1: :note2:

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I have a vested interest in this subject. I am a confirmed insomniac. Have been studied, probed, injected, inspected, detected, infected, neglected and selected. (you can get anything you want…) They stuck all kinds of gizmos on me and then said…”Ok…sleep!” SO after this sleep study, they generated this 650 page report. At the end of it, it said, “ …in conclusion, you are not capable of or have difficulty initiating sleep.” :shock:

Duh. I could have told them that from the beginning. In any case, to the point of the thread, I don't dream. Can't remember last dream I had. One could probably argue that I am most likely always in a dream like state since I'll go 1-3 days without sleep at times. But I'm sure there's another blog site for that. Anyways, I'll write some great tunes during those periods. IMO. The sad part is, I never used to write them down.

So I went and bought a small pocket digital recorder some time back. It works great. I've got hours of me noodling around. Sometimes, there's some great stuff buried in the middle of it all. Great right? Not really. I would end up not being able to reproduce some of this stuff! :shock: I sit there saying...what the heck was I doing there? Alas. I now stop myself and say..I am now playing a XYZ chord or progression.

If you are wondering. Yes, it does suck to be an insomniac.

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