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Squire Affinity Strats

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Anyone tried one of these? How does the body feel/look (shape-wise, width, contours and all)? I'm in the market for an Alder strat body. Checked mercasystems and the body alone would cost £153, but my local store has this for £105.

I'm guessing I could strip the repaint and do a rejob on that (as I was planning to get an unfinished alder body and paint it). I know the rest of the kit would be cheapo compared to the gear I'm looking to have as my, um, 'standard set up' but, as I'm getting into modding, having a bunch of spare parts is no problem to me (may well be a boon) and for the price, if the body's basically the same thing getting all that for free and paying a lower price seems like a great idea. And thoughts on this guys?

If its any help, I'm probs gonna be floating the trem :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: but I was factoring in buying all the hardware (eventually) anyway so replacing the squire's trem if necessary is no problem.

I'll head down there over the weekend and give one of these a try, but I thought I'd float the idea here, as I know there are a bunch of people on here with way more experience than I in this.

Props for posting comments! :D

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I've tried one in the shop - and to me it just felt ... not right. Something to do with the profile of the neck maybe - or just the fact that I knew it was cheapo...? But for the body - I think everything is heavy compared to my thinline Tele - apart from that I didn't really notice anything perculiar with it.

Now THIS was helpful I guess :lol:

Every now and then I dream about buying one of these and defret it :twisted:


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I've tried one in the shop - and to me it just felt ... not right. Something to do with the profile of the neck maybe -

The neck's the thing. Lots of people really like the Affinity matchstick neck; others hate it.

I think the Affinity body is slimmer as well. Balsa wood maybe? :wink:

I would upgrade the pickups with some GFS alnicos (their best pups, imho), or Bill Lawrence Keystones. Keep it low-budget but make it sound a lot better.

Or just buy a used MIM Fender...

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i tried many strats before i bought mine.
The affinitys weren't all (if any) made from alder back then, so i would check to make sure.
The thing that turned me off about them was that they were noticably lighter because they were a bit thinner.
I think this affects the tone as well.
i also think a used MiM is the way to go.


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No question the Affinity Strats have a thinner body. The neck pocket should be standard so it will accept any standard fender neck. I would go with a MIM body or look for a Squier non-affinity body. Should only cost a few extra bucks, but I think you'll prefer the full body over the thinner one.

I modified two Korean Squier Strats that played like butter, but had the thinner body (maybe 3/4 the thickness of a regular strat) and I found that they just didn't feel substantial enough. They played great, but felt like a beginner's guitar in my opinion (which is what they are, I guess).

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Yup ... bodies are thinner .... least thats been my experience. The Squire Standards have the right body thickness I do believe.

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