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Standard Strat VS F...
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Standard Strat VS Fat Strat

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I am looking at buying a Fender Strat. I have played both but I am not that great so I cant decide on sound. Just wondering what opions where on one vs the other. I like to play all kinds of music so I am looking for the most versitle guitar. Been searching the gn site but have not came up with anything. Awesome web site thanks in advance

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I think the Fat strat will give you a wider range of sounds, although I think both are pretty versatile guitars.

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+1 on the Fat Strat.

I have a Hwy One strat (NOT a Fat Strat) but I wish it had the HSS pickup configuration.

Go for the Fat Strat.


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Both produce some great sounds. It really is just a matter of preference. I own two Strats that are the "normal" 3 single coil setup and 1 Squier Fat Strat. I like them all! The humbucker in the bridge gives you a different sound than the single coil - just depends on what sound you like.

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I vote for the Fat Strat. I have a Double Fat Strat myself and I love it.

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I vote Fat Strat. I love the sound of a HB but to me a strat LOOKs better with single coils in it. I know, looks are secondary in a guitar, just stating an opinion. has some squiers on sale, some great deals too. If I wasn't drowning in guitars I would buy one from them. Another Option might be the Squier 51, a ton of people on this forum own atleast one.

Have Fun!

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I have a telecaster copy with a humbucker in the neck, and a single coil in the bridge. Besides being completely backwards from the way I would rather have them, it is nice having the two different styles of pickups. I still haven't figured out why the humbucker is in the neck position though. It was cheap, I got it for $70 and a twelve pack of bud light from a guy at work. It plays good so I got it.

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One vote here for the standard. To me a strat should have a very specific sound, when I here it, I know it's a strat. I if wanted Humbuckers, I'd go in a differnt direction ie. gibson, PRS, etc...
IMHO, Strats ARE signle coil instruments.


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another purist vote here, i think that a strat sounds better with sss config, altho the new samarium cobalt PUs with the S-1 switching do give quite a bit more variety then a standard strat imo.


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It was cheap, I got it for $70 and a twelve pack of bud light from a guy at work. It plays good so I got it.

That's exactly the way I envisioned how a "Red Neck Rocker" would acquire a guitar. Good show!

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I vote for the Standard (SSS) just because I think you'll get a better job out of it. Then, when you feel like it, you can get any sort of guitar with a humbucker on it...

I have a Strat copy but I've played HSS Strats, and I much prefer the single coil at the bridge than a humbucker.

However, if you're going for a 'bucker, go I mean Double Fat. =)

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OK. I have experience with this issue.

I owned an USA made SSS Strat in the early 1990's and another one in the mid 1990's. I had to sell both in the late 1990's.

I decided to buy a new USA made Strat in late 2004. I decided to go with the HSS configuration. I was never able to bond with it. It lacked Strat "mojo" or something. I sold it.

Now I own a Jimmie Vaughan Strat (SSS). I love it. It get's all the tones I want from a Strat. I can't recommend the JV Strat enough. It is one of the best guitar values on the market (IMO).

The only changes I made were cosmetic: I replaced the stock 1 ply, white pickguard with a 4 ply, tortoise pickguard. I also swapped the white covers and knobs with aged covers and knobs.

Here's a picture of it:

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I vote American Deluxe Ash Strat! It's got the single coils, but also the S-1 switching system for more sound versatility. And it's beautiful (aged cherry sunburst, mine is). That said, as a complete gear junkie, I'm now relishing a Strat (or a Tele) HH. But I'd never trade my trad for it. Good luck and enjoy!

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