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Suggestions for a second guitar?

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I have a very nice Highway One Fender Strat that I bought brand new, and I love it. It has a tremelo bridge though, which makes it very hard to take into alternate tunings. I would like to be able to leave my Strat in standard tuning (where it deserves to be, anyway), and get a cheaper, solid bridge guitar that I can easily move into different tunings without having to retune every string 5 or 6 times to get it right. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good solid bridge guitar?


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My question is, "Why solid bridge?"

Since you own a Fender, I'd suggest a Gibson or Epiphone. Perhaps an SG or G400


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If you've already got a Strat you're happy with, and want a solid bridge guitar for alternate tunings, I'd suggest there's only one guitar to choose - a Tele. Easy to adjust the action, sounds great in open D and G (ask Keith Richards if you don't believe me!) and you'll be fairly used to the feel of one having got the Strat. A few of us around here have Teles we keep in open G (Squier Tele in my case - it was my #1 guitar before I found my MIM Tele) and are perfectly happy with. One guy (stand up and be counted Roy!) has even removed the low E string for that authentic Keef look/feel/sound.....

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Epiphone G400, every time. Or an SG if you can afford it

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Too me they are more than just pretty. And the fact i love the tone is just an added bonus, nearly had to be dragged from GAK having first played a proper SG at the weekend.


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If you want single coils, I agree with Vic: get a Tele! :!: But if you're looking for a different type tone (e.g., humbuckers), check out a Paul Reed Smith SE Custom or Singlecut. IMO, they're well-built, and they sound and look great for a very reasonable price. Just make sure you remember the "SE" part or you'll flip out over the price. :shock:

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Get a Tele!! :D

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Get a Les Paul Epi or Gibby if you can afford one. :P

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There are far too many differences among many good guitars to make a knowledgeable and valid recommendation about what's good for you -- except for your first requirement that the bridge be non-trem to accommodate on-the-spot alt tuning. Get yourself over to a music store and try above suggestions and others. Only you can decide what's right for you.

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+1 on the Tele, SG, PRS and LPs. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I put one of those mini humbucker things on my Tele in the Neck position. Now I gotta figure out what to do with the leftover low E strings. :)

Musica, I played one of those PRS SE Single cuts last year when test driving amps. I didn't pay a ton of attention to it as I was focused elsewhere, but I do remember liking it very much.

rjnix, I think you'll be pleased with anything that was suggested. Personally, I am most fond of my Epi LP. I played a friends new LP copy for about 1/3rd of what I paid and liked it too. I think he's dropping it off next week for me to set up. Action was a touch high. I just practiced on my EPI SG and it came out REALLY well.

Speaking of EPI SGs, and this goes for Lps too, some people suggest that the no frill versions in the Gibson line are well worth the money. I know I've got like $100-$200 total in my Epi SG that I could have had in a Gibson Faded SG...and that one felt really nice. Had I known......

I'm rambling again. :oops:

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I never knew that even 'solid bridges' exist. All that I wondered were about solid woods...

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What kind of music will you be playing?
Alt tunings for bottleneck blues; or for things like drop D and metal/alt stuff????

For bottleneck - Rory Gallagher used a real pretty white Tele.
A Tele would be hard to beat for a 'second' guitar.

Hollow body electrics with P90's are another good choice for slide guitars.

If you're into heavy things though.... I really like the PRS SE choice that M-23 suggested 8)


ps - if you really like the Strat thing; they make a 'hardtail' version, sans trem with a string thru body design.
Don't know if it comes in a mid to low end version though.

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I'm just gonna throw out Hagstrom-either a Swede model for LP style or one of their single coil models (I can't remember the name right now). I'm a big Hag fan after getting my Swede. For the price, I don't think they can be beat.

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