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This is an incredible read! Great thread Roy!

I know for me, when I post, it's more just to share music. And while I haven't been around much to post about others music and in topics, I really hope that I try to say thanks to people, because I appreciate what everyone has to say.....even if I go on a recording streak and record like twice a week LOL.

I try to at least have a listen to the folks that have been around here as well. It's cool to listen to people and hear how they progress....from beginner to professional, there's such a wide range of talent and styles.

So I'd say even if you are a beginner, don't be shy...POST!! Best way to get better is to get constructive criticism and feedback!

And if your not a beginner, you still can learn something from the feedback as well....and it never hurts to have a little motivational push now and then!
A good critique - constructive criticism - is worth its weight in gold!
+1 to that!!!

In Space, no one can hear me sing!

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