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Traynor Amp

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tell me if this is a good deal. $499 (canadian dollars) for this traynor amp 2 years used, with a three month warranty and newly fresh tubes.

I played this amp. It sounds incredible and seems to be worth about $800 (US) new online anywhere i look.


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Personally...I'd say good the hell out of it (not that you wouldn't)...during the full warranty period.
I've never had any bad experience with Yorkville Sound products I've owned...this goes back 40 years.
I did refuse to buy a used Traynor amp recently due to a "hiss" it had...actually the dealer pointed it out even faster than I did.

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AWESOME amp. Insanely cheap. As reliable as anything you'll ever play. In the 70's they threw them off a 2-story-roof to see if they'd break to test them. They also have AC filament to the tubes which eliminates pretty much all of the hum from the high gain.

You just plug it in without mucking around with it too much. It's not that versatile, but it sounds so good that you don't want to tweak too much with it anyway. If I wasn't addicted to Vox, this would be my amp of choice.