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Tribute Bands

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Last night, the wife and I went to see "Start Making Sense" a Talking Heads tribute band. They were excellent and fun. The lead singer emulated David Byrne without making a mockery, he wore a grey suit, but it didn't have crazy shoulders. He was too short to be a good match. The musicians were great, esp the bassist and drummer. They included the important licks, but weren't slaves to the solos. Did I mention they were fun?

Have you seen any tribute bands that you liked?

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Doors tribute band, must have been 1982 or 83. Band was quite good; singer was more LA Woman-era Jim Morrison than Lizard King, but very believable. Girl I was with dropped acid and thought she was really watching the Doors. I went sans the stuff, but still enjoyed the show ... until she decided to find her way backstage to find "Jim." I didn't see her again.

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I saw Zoso a couple years ago and they were great. Not really "fun", but pretty cool for those of us who never got to see Zeppelin live. They dressed and looked the part. Their "John Paul Jones" played bass and keys, they didn't have extra musicians. All the gear was pretty accurate, even the giant gong behind "Bonzo's" set.

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The only tribute band I've ever seen was years ago and they did all...Gentle Giant stuff. Really weird because even then Gentle Giant were far from famous. So a tribute to a band no one knew in the first place. :)

Fun thread, Laz,
Brought to mind a quote from Phil Manzanera re. why Roxy Music toured again in 2001 after a long hiatus:

"There was always the sense of unfinished business from my point of view. We always had a lot more to give and these songs don't get an airing a lot. I have looked in the back of magazines and there are no Roxy tribute bands, so I realised you couldn't cover these songs very well."


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"Fleetwood Back" recreate the Rumors/ Tango in the Night lineup and do it very well. Good show, but you really only want to go see any particular tribute band once methinks.

We've seen a few, from Supertramp to REM to Free to Bowie to Led Zep to Santana - they have their moments.

A :-)

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The Bootleg Beatles are pretty amazing - look and sound very close to the real thing. Cover all the different eras, with appropriate costumes etc. I believe they even have a small orchestra with them these days!

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When I lived in the Chicago suburbs I saw a very good Beatles tribute band several times. If I remember right they were called American English. Much like the band Vic mentioned they attempted to look the part, period costumes, instruments, and all.

I was lucky enough to be able to take my kids to see them a couple times when the city I lived in had them play free public concerts. Now whenever my younger kids hear me playing a Beatles CD, they always tell anyone around they remember seeing that band live.

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We used to have three really good tribute bands one was a led Zepplin , one was a Pink floyd and the other one was a Doors.

I think the Led Zep was called Physical Graffitti and the Doors one was Riders on the Storm can't remember the other ones name but when they played at the club where I worked which had national acts they'd each bring in over 1000 people almost every show.

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