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What are your music resolutions?

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I've set some music related resolutions for this year. My goals are:

  • Know the 5 minor pentatonic scale positions (I only know 2 now)

  • Write and record at least 12 songs (1 per month)
  • What are your musical goals for the coming year?

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    My musical goals for 08 are

    1- Learn to play piano/keyboard
    2- Write more songs and record them
    3 - Form a band
    4 - Go and see more live music
    5- Have fun doing doing goals 1, 2, 3 and 4

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    To learn guitar.

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    Get my Grade 8.

    Get on stage more.

    That'll do, I think.

    A :-)

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    1) Learn music theory. I know a little, but not much. It's about time I learned more. I've never been that interested before, but now I am. And I actually already started a few days ago, so I'll follow through.

    2) Learn jazz. This is vague, I know, but I don't know much about it in terms of how to play it and the theory behind it all.

    Those two kind of go together anyway, so that's good.

    There are other music resolutions I'd like to make, but they're not all that important so I'll just concentrate on the other two.

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    Put more time into improving my keyboard skills.

    Get myself back on stage (the Gypsy jazz revival is just around the corner, I know it! :) )

    Get serious about composing, finish at least one orchestral piece.

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    1. Read Noteboat's theory book as soon as I get off meds.
    2. Learn some single note playing, like leads, etc.
    3. Learn some harder rock songs than the soft/pop-rock lineup I know now.

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    -To learn more scales
    -To learn a cover song or two
    -To finish some of the originals I've come up with
    -To practice a bit more
    -To learn the fretboard well
    -Continue having fun


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    "More". That is all ;) - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

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    -Write atleast 100 songs
    -Have them be better then the previous 100

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    To play & learn this diminished scale stuff & riffs in the book I have. Also try to play more piano.

    And in general to just PLAY!!!!!!

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    - Invent a secret chord voicing that no one can play
    - discover a secret note that no one knows about
    - never practice
    - write one killer song that will take over the music world and be played in every elevator on the earth

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