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What Bands Have Grown On You With Age?

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Just about everybody has grown on me since I started to try and play for myself. Somebody who springs to mind that I thought was strictly for the old farts was Frank Sinatra. I'm still not exactly a huge fan, but I can sure see now why his particular talents were as lauded as they were.

A while back, I decided that I was getting a bit fossilised in my musical tastes so I started going into the local music shop and asking Phil to recommend things that I wouldn't normally buy, and give me some reasons why they were good of their type. I'd never liked Country much so we started with that. He recommended a CD by a female country singer, featuring what looked like it was going to be a bunch of syrupy ballads. I didn't expect to be swayed. To my surprise, I not only liked it a lot (I bought it with the ignoble thought that perhaps I could palm it off on my wife if I didn't like it... ) but three of the songs turned out to have been written by one of my all time favourite songwriters - Tom Waits.

So I think that the more you learn about music in general, and try and do it yourself, then the more you can see what others were trying to do, and how they succeeded within the particular framework they were working under.


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The white Stripes and any thing Jack white has been involved in. He is just amazing 8)

Gram Parsons. Back in the early 70's I hated country music. Then I joined a country rock band in 74 (go figure). Over the years I've grown to love country music (not the crap currently coming from Nashville). about a year ago I came across Gram Parsons on the you-tube. I had heard of him before, maybe heard a song or two on WXRT back in the day, Now I love his music, just keeps growing on me.

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Backstreet Boys ? Naw.

You know it is Green Day.

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+1 for Bob Seger. He was always on the radio when I was growing up, but I never thought much about him. Recently, I have come to appreciate his talents much more.

Bruce Springsteen. I grew up in New Jersey and Bruce was the Boss there long before he was an international star. His music was ALWAYS on the local radio stations and frankly I was sick of hearing him. But now, going back to his classic 1970s & 1980s CDs, I love em, although I am not so fond of the newer stuff.

Bon Jovi. For much the same reason as Bruce. These guys are only a couple of years older than me and were THE LOCAL BAND in my town. Every one in the band (except for Jon) grew up in my home town. Jon grew up in the next town over. I can't tell you how many times I saw them play at local battles of the bands, etc. And, in his early days, they were a hair pop metal band, which wasn't my thing. But, now I am really enjoying some of his newer stuff. You have to admit that he can write good pop songs.

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Old Genesis with Peter Gabriel.
I didn't get it as a kid. And then Gabriel left the band and they satrted playing pop stuff which I never really cared for. Started listening to the older stuff as an adult and I love it. Gabriel was one freaky kid when he was young.

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