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What CD's do you li...
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What CD's do you listen to while......

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at home?

driving in the car?

at work?


I would imagine there is a difference in musical tastes when performing different tasks so, what are they???

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I just got home from a weekly 45 minute drive to a class, and tonight I listened to a "Best of" Scorpions CD. Got into it so much that I listened to it both ways.

At work I tend to keep it a little lighter, so today I listened to Collective Soul "Hints, Allegations and Things Left Unsaid," and the self-titled Emerson Drive CD.

At home, anything goes, just depends on the activity and the mood.


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at home just about everything except rap and our local music

in the car mostly metallica,godsmack

i don't really listen to music at work for some reason, maybe becuase the people i work with have other taste in music


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Music at work is a no-no, but car and home means lots of Rush, Led Zep, Foo Fighters, Muse, RHCP, Lifehouse - anything under the Loud Guitars umbrella really. Kath has lots of Beatles albums. Classical Guitar CD's for a change.

If Kathy's in the car with me, then we tend to listen to Virgin Radio (the world's most listened to online radio station apparently) or Invicta if we're out of Virgin's range. XFM is decent but has some wierd stuff on Sunday evenings.


A :-)

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In the car I tend to listen to NPR.On long trips its been ZZ TOP ("one Foot in the Blues") The Stones ("Forty Licks') Junior Brown, Heart, King Crimson, Hank Williams.

Can't listen to music at work :cry:

At home I tend to listen to what ever I can find interesting on Sound Click,Gn members and the internet in general :D

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I go thru phases.
one year I listened to only DUB. got a full history lesson doing that. DUB was going on back when reggae was first being introduced in the states. that would be early to mid 70's.

then I went thru a phase of first wave cowboy music. 30's to the 60's.

now Im listening to a lot of slide playing, since I am into slide guitars. early swing Hawaiian slide, WWII cowboy swing lap steel slide, Jerry Douglas (modern) slide, Landreth, Lindley. etc.

in my car now is Let It Bleed. an all time fav.

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Well, phases for me too.

Around the earlier part of '06, i was heavily into beatles.

Now its Green Day purely.

Occasionaly, i would have a dig at Wham, Sting, Country Songs (John Denver, Alan Jackson etc), B B king, AC/DC etc.

Every music is invited.(But in no case very heavy metal or death or nu-metal...stay clear)

Btw, nice avatar Minus...Batista yeah !

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Home: no CDs, just "Jack's Big Music Show" (only those with very young children will get that.)

Car: my CD changer is presently stocked with David Crowder Band's "A Collision", a compilation disc of other David Crowder Band material, a Rush compilation, Roddy Frame's masterpiece "Surf," a Son Volt compilation, and The Sword's "Age of Winters."

Work: none, but once in a while after hours I'll pump SRV through the paging system. :)

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Most of the music I listen to is in the car. I make a new CD about every month or so with the songs I want to learn to play or have just learned.

It's a wide range of styles, I've got Fall out Boy, panic at the Disco, James Brown, Wild Cherry, Rick James, Lou Reed, Joe Walsh, Aerosmith, Humble Pie, ZZ Top on the lastest I just did the other day.

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Home: Usually if I am listening to music, then its the Blues channel on Music Choice

Car: Lately its been Mark Selby but also have been listening to Jars of Clay and Toby Mac

Work: I usually listen to David Crowder Band.


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CDs? I think I vaguely recall those from many years ago... :wink: Everything I get now is burned to MP3, played in WinAmp or stuck on my MP3 player - Home, work, car, bus, train, walking, bed when I can't sleep, wherever.

Hard to pin down the music though, I get through a lot of phases of fairly varying styles in a very short space of time. At the moment it's mainly Megadeth, Jack Johnson, The Pecadiloes (a fantastic but obscure band who never made it outside the UK and disappeared in the 90s) and my favourite local bands/artists... and I also quite like to load my entire collection as a single playlist and hit 'random' :) - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

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Well after relentless harrassment from my daughter I finally stepped into the 21st century and bought an mp3 player, it holds about 8-10 albums so each night I switch out what I have on it. Today for example I have Meatloaf Bat out of Hell, Miles Davis Schetches of Spain, Tom Petty Damn the Torpedo's, Muddy Waters Live at Newport, John Coltrane Giant Steps, Mott the Hoople All the young Dudes, Etta James At Last , the Buzzcocks GOing Steady and Jaes Brown In the Jungle

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My 4gig IPod is the best thing. I never need to buy a cd again. Everything from ITunes so far. I have about 600 songs on it.

Lately, I can't get enough of Widespread Panic's "Earth To America"


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I too am guilty of NPR in large doses but musically I've been listening to some web radio at work(SOMA, mainly) and the car has a 6-disc changer that I currently have in rotation:
Zappa-live show from Pennsylvania
Die Hunns
The Police-one of the discs from Message in a Box
Le Tigre-the one with Decepticon on it

My musical tastes are a bit schizo

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At home? XM satellite radio
In Car? XM satellite radio
At work? XM satellite radio.

I LOVE hearing music that is new to me and I HATE listening to commercial advertisements.
I'm kind of a tech-head and I'd rate satellite radio as the coolest high tech thing to come along in many years!

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and I do!

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