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What guitar would Bob Dylan have?

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Hello everyone! Since I'm laying off the tobacco for good, I have earned myself a brand new steel-stringed acoustic guitar. :mrgreen:

But I need advice on which one to purchase. My budget is up to $700 so there is lots of guitars I can choose from. The guitar I want should have a thin neck and not be too big because I have relatively small hands and arms. Also I want it to have a cut out underside so that you can grip the higher frets easily. It also has to be really sturdy because I'm bad at handling stuff with care. Also it should have a really good sound for playing Bob Dylan's kind of music. Plus, it has to be easy to play on.

So any recommendations on guitars that would fit my criterias and price range?

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You might check out Alvarez and Taylor. Both have thinner necks. Alvarez certainly does, and I think Taylor does as well. I have an Alvarez and like it very much. A bandmate plays a Taylor. Taylors are great guitars but more expensive (but worth the cost differential).

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Bob Dylan would have a Gibson or a Martin. The one's he plays/played are not in the $700 price range. Here's one Hey its only $7000!!! :shock: Here is a Martin cutaway for $700 I love my $200 Fender but I did no research, I didn't even try it, I bought it cause it was a cheap starter and came with a hard case. When I do go for an upgrade, probly after I quit smoking too, I'm gonna spend the day or week in stores trying everything in my price range. Good luck on your guitar search, Cheers'

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