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What is your Holy G...
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What is your Holy Grail?

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Hey...I just noticed my last post was #499. So, okay. Mow it's an even 500! :roll:


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Mine is the delicious slide solo in U2's Bullet the Blue Sky. It's one of the coolest songs I've ever heard and it reminds me a lot of something the great Wes said a long time ago about Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner. It was so impressionable it stuck with me. But he called Jimi's divebombs and little inter-note flourishes "the sound of bombs dropping and terror on the ground." It was brilliant a brilliant statement. I hear the same thing in the Edge's solo. Much like Wes's statement I hear the overheard drone of a fighter and each time the Edge hammers that low E it's another bomb. It's such a militant solo. I wish I could achieve that kind of expression.

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something in the way she moves me by JT
for my wife.


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The Star Spangled Banner (exactely the way Jimi played it at Woodstock) for an instrumental.
For a lyrical song, probably something by Yngwei Malmsteen. (I recently heard this cat, oh my god!)

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