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What is your playing level?

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Well, I play mostly solo, so I'm going for all eyes are on me and my chops

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A :-)

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I went with the " you wouldn't run...." but on the other hand, sometimes I just listen to myself and think "Man I really do suck". I find that seeing a pro play on stage, regardless of genre or percieved "simplicity" of the music, is a humbling experience. I have developed a lot of respect for people who go on stage night after night and consistently put on a good show. I say hooray for good bar bands. They're an inspiration. I've long since forgotten what it's like to perform and so I never feel the need to really practice. I think John McLaughlin said " Miss one day of practice and I notice. Two days and the band notices. A week and everybody notices.".

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I had to pick the notes and chords option.

However, my weekly jam session with my buddies is helping me get closer to the "can hang with other musicians" option. Guess I'll just ran pass all of those other options! :-)


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im between mary had a little lamb and the next one up .......starting to get a few riffs down

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"I've been a beginner for 30 years, and I'm starting to get good at it."

I've used that line several times, but David says I've been promoted. I've been on stage a number of times over the years, and I enjoy it. So far no one has told me that I suck (to my face), so that's what I selected.


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I choose I 15 -20 songs and jam, although I might know more than that but I'd have a hard time remembering them. It's sad but if someone asks if I play guitar I always say I'm trying. I never seem to sound as good as I want to and still have trouble playing fast.

I think I'm at another plateau since I've recently moved and haven't had any lessons in awhile. Because of that all I've been doing is learning new songs, probably none of which are really pushing me technically.

At the moment I'm working on the new RHCP song "Dani California" I really like it. Just been learning the song haven't tried to mimic the sound John F is getting but it sounds like a mixture of phlanger, dist and wah.

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Debated about hanging with other musicians but have been out of the giging scene for to long to make that bold of a staement.

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I said Good I can hang with most musicians, I don't know hundreds of songs but I can pick things up fast enough for that to not matter.

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To answer the second question, I have always said "I play guitar" from day 1. For years I wanted to play music, when I finally got my hands on a guitar I told myself I was going to play all my life. I had already decided that. I knew I was a beginner, but I really didn't think like that. No, I thought I AM A GUITAR PLAYER. I told myself I was going to keep playing until I was good. Been playing about 34 years now and I'm still not anywhere as good as I would like to be. But again, I am going to keep playing until I am good, or die, whichever comes first. :D

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OK, since us newbs seem to be underrepresented on this thread (probably because we're too embarrassed to raise our hands :oops: ), I'll reveal myself to be as slow and unsure as I am.

I can't call myself a guitar player yet--I still say I'm learning to play the guitar. I definitely don't want anyone to put me on the spot and ask me to play something for them! Need to claim ignorance until the confidence and skills are mucho improved.

I chose the option of being able to play a few chords and some notes. As for Mary Had a Little Lamb, the traditional nursery song I could probably handle. SRV's version, on the other hand, is only a dream for now. :D


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