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What video can you not stop watching?

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So what guitar videos are you guys hooked on right now?

For some reason I can't stop watching this one by Kaki King.

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I'm totally hooked on this Tomo Fujita clip

and this one from bassist Quagero Imazawa

It's a shame that most people I know have no respect for Japanese music or musicians...

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i didnt think too many people knew about Tomo
He's a fantastic player and his band the Blue Funk Trio used to play at this place 15 minutes from my house every third Wensday of the month. Unfortunately they no longer do that. I love the way he gets that percussive sound out of his lower strings.

a video ive been watching a lot lately is

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A friend of mine gave me Eric Clapton's 'Crossroads Guitar Festival', a 2 DVD set, for Christmas. I've already nearly worn them out! Absolutely amazing! :D

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Kaki King's clip is great. Ive seen that last year. her dad posts on Acoustic Guuitar Forum and gives us updates. her career is starting to take off.

Ive been watching the Zepplin double DVD. the early shots of them are great. no stage; just standing there blowing everyone away.

and Im watching Tex Ritter's Texas Ranch Party.
it's footage from the 50's western swing era. great stuff. Joe Maphis is one hell of a guitar player.
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Great clip. "Guardian Angels" by John Mclaughlin, Paco De Lucia, and Larry Coryell... 8)

Stairway to Freebird!

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i am hoping to go see Kaki King at the Tin Angel in march. she's just plain great.

i've been hooked on the new U2 Live in Chicago DVD. it's not the greatest DVD (the editing is pure garbage) but i just listen to the music.

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The "Crossroads Guitar Festival" , Page/Plant No Quarter(Unledded) and The Eagles"Live from Melbourne".


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I've got a COUGH :bootleg:COUGH COUGH of Jeff Beck and Jennifer Batten playing in Japan that is just amazing. Great closeups of their hands, really good footage of JB's wammy technique

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Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that Kaki King was reallly sweet

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the video of Metallica's Big Day Out 2004 and the Monsters of Rock '91 DVD. Their performance of "Creeping Death" was the best and most engergetic i've ever seen or heard.

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Primus in Chicago

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I'd have to go with the Crossroad as well. Amazing stuff and tons of awesome artists besides mr. Clapton.

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I got Bullet In A Bible and the Rush 30th Anniversary World Tour dvd's for Crimbo. Lifeson's my hero, so the Rush is getting more playtime, but the Greenday has been on the telly a few times and it feels like I've watched it a lot.


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It's got to be Stevie Ray Vaughan - Live at the El Mocambo, shame it's so short though!


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