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What's your favorite new bit of technology?

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Something a little lighter. I'm flipping through a national e-vendor's big-thick mailer and there's a bunch of nifty looking gadgets. Fr example, a clip-on piece for a mic stand that will hold your precious i-pad. Good for running the show for a one man band or even flipping from chord sheet to chord sheet.

That's not to mention all of this simulation stuff that's already been hitting the market for a few years and seems to be getting better.

Want to attach something to you iphone to lay down some tracks with your guitar? No probs. All kinds of stuff.

Do any of you guys use anything like this for anything?

My biggest leaps into this are a USB enabled epiphone and bringing up text file based chord sheets and making them big enough to see from 3 feet away. No phone things yet, although the family did update phones and I supposedly have a good one for such things.

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I'm still using 8-track tapes

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Gotta be the webcam, methinks. I'm going to try and do some Youtube stuff over the summer hols and call it "The Alan Green Show" or something......

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Hmmmmmm ... I use the computer to record instead of my 4 track. No real high tech gadgets though. I only own one guitar that has active pickups.

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It's not real new, but my Zoom H2 digital recorder is probably the best $200 I've spent on gear. I can set it on the desk and record acoustic/vocal stuff, I can put it in the middle of the room and record a jam session or I can put it in front of the stage and record a gig. The sound isn't like a pro setup, but it's great for finding rough spots in songs or hearing how you progress from show to show.

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Affordable recording equipment is a biggy!! Between that and clip on tuners. Those are probably the biggest in my skill level.

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