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Oh ok I get it now.

For me soloing is what's most fun. There's nothing more rewarding than being able to play a passage at full speed when just a couple of weeks back it seemed like an impossible task.

The only problem is that solos are very easy to forget =/

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And I thought that was just me. For the most part I can remember the rhythm parts fairly easily but the solo's, if I don't play them often I forget them easily.

Do you have things you do other than just keep playing them to help you remember. One thing I have tried to do and maybe that's why i don't know as many solo's as I should is I want to play the solo's exactly as they were recorded. I don't try and improvise parts that are to hard for me to play. To me that's the only way for me to judge if I am getting better. If I just improvised something to me it would be somewhat of a cop put. I'm not saying that it's abd thing or you shouldn't do it it's just the way I have approached learning.

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I do the exact same thing as you. Playing the solo as it was recorded is my way of assessing my progress over the weeks. My teacher suggested that I improvise some of the parts by playing the same notes, or close to the same notes, but using a different rhythm. I think it's a very good idea and I really should do that more often. But I would only do it for parts that I KNOW I can play.

As for remembering the solos, there is no other way for me than to play them incessantly. I think the only way to remember how to play a solo without playing it every other day would be to become so comfortable with the fretboard, and being able to play what you hear in your head, that you could just play the solo instantaneously as you hear it in your head.

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My head's not big enough for that

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Interesting thread guys, and some good idea's for songs to learn from reading others' lists!

I agree with AK, the only way to keep those solo's in your head is to play them regularly. Trying to remember a solo from months back is like trying to remember song lyrics from years back! :lol:

Anyway, been playing for a little over 3 years now, and I'm blessed with a really good memory! Here's my playlist, which I tend to set to "random" and just play along to whichever song comes on;

wonderwall - oasis
dont look back in anger - oasis
iris - goo goo dolls
come sail away - styx
shes only happy (in the sun) - ben harper
driftwood - travis
summer of 69 - bryan adams
movies - alien ant farm
its my life - bon jovi
bring me to life - evanescence
my immortal (piano solo for guitar version) - evanescence
going under (acoustic) - evanescence
dead in the water now - david gray
numb - disturbed
overburdened - disturbed
sugar we're going down - fall out boy
learn to fly - foo fighters
monkey wrench - foo fighters

Anything by Greenday

you're beautiful - james blunt
leaving on a jetplane - john denver
my december - linkin park
papercut - linkin park
million miles away - offspring
want you bad - offspring
forget to remember - mudvayne
scars - papa roach
penny and me - hanson
killing in the name of - RATM
everybody hurts - REM
imitation of life -REM
better man - robbie williams
angels - robbie williams
staring at the sun - rooster
make me smile (come up and see me) - Steve Harley
In too deep - sum 41
motivation - sum 41
wonderboy - tenacious D
adrienne - the calling
Mr Bightside - Killers
Mr brightside (acoustic interpretation) - Killers
all I've got - the used
on my own - the used
driftwood - Travis
flowers in the window - Travis
sing - Travis
I wanna rock - Twisted sister

and just learnt today;
Tears dont fall (acoustic version) - Bullet for my Valentine

*phew*! Thats more than I remembered I knew :lol: :lol:


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You've got some cool songs on your list. I'm learning Bring me to Life right now. Do you have a tab for the piano intro tabbed for guitar by any chance?

I always like the Killers Mr. Brightside too.

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I always start off with a huge list of songs that I can play or want to play to verying degrees. I keep notes off the side about what I want to learn next on that song. Eventually, some get done, except for my memory failing. Normally have the words & chords in front of me. :oops:

At last look, I had over 200 songs that I could do anywhere from the intro riff to complete with singing. Since then, I've printed out even more, but have not added to the list. I'm probably going to organize them again and pick out X number of songs that I want to really to exceptionaly well (by my low standards). Not quite sure the approach I'll take yet. Maybe take 50, but work on 5 a week until I get there? Still gotta go back to previous week's and play 'em a time or two just to not forget.

Well, as per topic, my partial song list (trimmed down to my favorites to play) All these I do the rythym on.

Down By The River - Neil Young
Melissa - ABB
Hey Joe - Easy version of Hendrix's classic found in the ESD
Turn The Page - Bob Seeger (also, fiddle a little doing it Metallica style)
Angie - Stones
Happy - Stones
It's Only Rock N Roll - Stones
Breathe - Pink Floyd
Lay Lady Lay - Dylan
Knocking On Heaven's Door - Dylan
The Night...ol Dixie Down
Old Man - Neil Young
Maggie May - Stewert
Lola - Kinks
Dead Flowers - Stones
Thru and Thru - Stones (odd one, but I like it)
Dock Of The Bay - Redding
Celluloid Heroes - Kinks
Sugar Mountain - Neil Young
Mother - Pink Floyd
American Girl - Tom Petty
Sister Morphine - Stones
Friends In Low Places - Garth Brooks
Time - Pink Floyd
Still The Same - Bob Seger
Let It Bleed - Stones
One - U2
Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
Ballad Of Curtis Loew - 'Skynyrd
Never Been To Spain - 3 dog night
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd
Hotel California - Eagles (I'd like to learn the barred version actually)
The Pusher - Steppenwolf
Mary Janes Last Dance - petty
All I Can Do Is Write About It - Skynyrd

There's a few others that will make the top 50 list for me, but I have not decided. A couple America tunes I've been giving a whirl at, a Frampton tune, Spaceoddity by Bowie, etc. Kind of looking for something to transition into some harder rock with.

Gee, I've rambled. Sorry. :oops:

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Whoa nice to post again at GN!

Saboath (**our band**) :D

Saboath - Against sinners
Saboath - Jesus Christ
Saboath - Song of Moses

Saboath - Lots Of Demos + Names of Songs i can't remember

My List:
Metallica: Seek and Destroy
Metallica: The Four Horseman
Metallica :Jump in the Fire
Metallica :Whiplash
Metallica: Fade to Black
Metallica:Creeping Death
Metallica:For Whom the Bell Tolls
Metallica:Ride the lightning
Metallica: Master of Puupets
Metallica: The Thing That should Not Be
Metallica:Disposable Heroes
Metallica: Welcome Home Sanatarium
Metallica: Leper Messiah
Metallica: Orion
Metallica: And Justice for All...
Metallica: Blackened
Metallica : Harvester Of Sorrow
Metallica : One
Metallica :Frayed Ends of Sanity
Metallica: To Live is to Die
Metallica: Enter Sandman
Metallica:Wherever i may Roam
Metallica:Nothing Else Matters
Metallica:Sad But True
Metallica: My friend of misery
Metallica:The God That Failed
Metallica:Bleeding Me
Metallica:The Thorn Within
Metallica:Mama Said
Metallica:Outlaw Torn
Metallica:Turn The Page
Metallica:Am i Evil
Metallica: So What
Metallica:No Leaf Clover
Metallica: Minus Human
Metallica: Prince Charming
Metallica Low man's Lyric
Metallica:St Anger
Metallica:Some kind Of Monster
Metallica:Sweet Amber
Metallica:Unnamed Feeling
Metallica:All Withing My Hands
Metallica:Shoot me Again

Nirvana - Unplugged CD
Judas Priest - Angel of retribution CD

Whitesnake - Here i go again
Audioslave - 1st CD
Nickelback - Hero
??????? - Silent Night
Some Avril Lavigne Stuff about 6 songs

Godsmack - Mama
Godsmack - Bleeding Me
Godsmack - I Stand Alone
Godsmack - Voodoo
Godsmack - Straight out of line
Godsmack - Serenity
Godsmack - Bad Magic
Godsmack - .........

Seether - Broken

Guns And Roses - Patience
Some AC/DC Stuff

Motorhead - Too Late Too Late
Motorhead - The Game
Motorhead - King of Kings
Motorhead - Stone dead forever
Motorhead - ............

Santana EverClear - Leave your Lights on
Greenday bout 3 songs

Megadeth - Gears Of War
Megadeth - Die Dead Master
Megadeth - .............

There's alot i'm forgetting, metallica was when i learned to play guitar that's why there's so many, i still enjoy playing their stuff.

Minus Human

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You ever think about learning some Metallica songs. I think that's going to be my next move to learn a few Metallica songs. Can you suggest some of the easier ones to get started?

Do you play the solo for Master of Puppets?

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Easy metallica songs:

Seek and destroy
For Whom the bell tolls
Enter Sandman
To Live is to Die
The thorn Whithin
Some Kind of Monster - Cool song
Shoot Me again - Cool song when played with the St Anger Bonus DVD (the mix is better on DVD)
Sad But True

Most of the songs from black onwards are quite easy,
I can only play the 1st MOP solo that james plays, never really tried Kirk's part.
Great song though, fun to play - once you get the rhythm down it's actually not that hard to play.


And all the things you said to me
I need your arms to welcome me
But a cold stone's all I see

Let my heart go

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All the songs I have played or just the ones I remember right now? :lol: I think it would be a pretty long list as I've been working at it some 30 years. Some I haven't played in a while I need to peek at the music to get me started.

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just the ones you can remember. I can't remember much past this past year or so and if I don't play them often I forget easily. I figure you guys that have played for years might have hundreds of songs by now but maybe list 20 or so of the ones you've been playing recently it's fun to see what everyone likes to play.

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I'm with TR in that a list of what I could play from memory would probably fill pages. Thing is, though, it also depends on the circumstances for playing a song. About seven years ago (can it be that long?) I had to put together a song list for a restaurant / bar in Chicago where I was trying to get a once a week gig (two hour show). They were concerned I'd end up playing the same set week after week. So just writing out the songs I knew I could perform by memory and play well in a single guitar / singer setting, I ended up with over six hundred songs.

Anyway, just to list twenty that I've played recently, either solo shows during the summer or with some of the group shows, and not counting original songs (usually I play six to a dozen in a show):

Walk Away Renee - Left Banke
Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits
Romeo and Juliet - Dire Straits
Cumberland County - Fred J. Eaglesmith
Me and Julio Down By The School Yard - Paul Simon
Autumn Leaves - various artists
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Police
I'm On Fire - Bruce Springsteen
Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley
Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harem
It Makes No Difference - The Band
Ophelia - The Band
Rain King - Counting Crows
Pocahontas - Neil Young
Low Spark of High Heel Boys - Traffic
Rocket Man - Elton John
Madman Across the Water - Elton John
Waterloo Sunset - Kinks
1952 Vincent Black Lightning - Richard Thompson

Again, could list a lot more, but hopefully this will be enough to join in the conversation... :wink:


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Yea I figured none of you experienced palyers would post anything because you know to many songs. Someday I hope to have the same problem. But like I told TR I think it's kind of interesting just to see what people are/have been playing.

Rain King - Haven't seen/heard anyone play that one. I love the Counting Crows, by any chance do you do Round Here?

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It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll!

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Yes, Round Here and also Mr Jones (of course), Omaha, Perfect Blue Buildings, Sullivan Street and A Murder of One from their first album. Other songs of theirs that I perform are Angels of the Silences, A Long December and Mrs. Potter's Lullaby.

Round Here as a solo number is a little tricky and you've got to have an audience that's willing to come on the trip with you. Fortunately, the Counting Crows have always played many different arrangements of their own songs live so people don't always measure you up against the original studio version.


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