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What's your song list

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except for my memory failing. Normally have the words & chords in front of me.

And I thought it was just me getting older. These are the most common ones that I and my friends do when we get together for a session. Not hard to tell what decade I'm influenced by....

jealous guy - john lennon
imagine - john lennon
all things must pass - george harrison
isn't it a pity - george harrison
i've just seen a face - beatles
i should have known better - beatles
norwegian wood - beatles
dear prudence - beatles
i'd love to change the world - tenyears after
dead flowers - rolling stones
you can't always get what you want - rolling stones
wild world - cat stevens
father and son - cat stevens
nights in white satin - moody blues
take it easy - eagles
tequila sunrise - eagles
heart of gold - neil young
out on the weekend - neil young
old man - neil young
after the gold rush - neil young
against the wind - bob seger
dust in the wind - kansas

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