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Who are the greats that you admire?

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I think anyone who considers themselves a fan of rock has to appreciate what both Elvis and the Beatles did for rock music.

I have alot of obvious favorites that I've repeated over and over:

Stevie Ray Vaughan
Led Zeppelin
John Frusciante
Tom Morello

but I've really started discovering how great simple music can be: I've really been getting into the Foo Fighters: Great lyrics, great simple music and surprisingly diverse. As well, I've gotten alot of respect for Jack White and the White Stripes, in my opinion, I think they are really simple but have this sort of musical fearlessness. I also listened to an album by a band called "Grady" (I think the lead singer used to be the lead singer in Big Wreck), and it was an un-believable album, if you're looking for a new band with a really bluesy sound, this is a great band.


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Muhamed Suicmez. I admire that man. I'd give anything to write like him. Lyrically, not so much. But incredible talent with instruments. Can't get enough.

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