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Who is your guitar hero?

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I was wondering who is your guitar hero?
Mine is Dickie Betts.

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We talk about this one a lot around here.

Alex Lifeson, Brian May, Slash and John Frusciante are top of my definites list. Chris Shiflett and Mikko Lindstrom are there or thereabouts too.

If I put my classical hat on, David Russell is top of the heap, with Eliot Fisk and Ana Vidovic bubbling under.


A :-)

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My top 3 would be George Harrison, Jimmy Page, and David Gilmour.


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JImmy Page - he makes guitar playing look easy. Grrr!

Manny Charlton - I loved Nazareth back in the 70's, and Manny played a lot of slide guitar, which meant if I wanted to learn Nazareth songs I had to learn slide.

Keith Richards - king of the two-finger riff! Has anyone written as many classic riffs?

:D :D :D


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I've got two Jimmy's a Stevie and a David in my bag.

I also admire the heck out of a band that a lot of people don't necessarily know about but after almost 30 years I hear more and more of their music in commercials, TV shows etc.

The band is "The Cure" and the leader is Robert Smith. They were a very popular ______________ (insert Genre here) band from the '80s. They are a moderate to heavy 'synth' band, or electro or... what ever the word is... They're from the '80's hehehehehe.


The thing I love about them is their unique sound. I could always tell it was them because of that. Even more evident is on their "Best of" DVD, they have an acoustic "Unplugged" section and darn it, they still sound like, well "The Cure".

I remember first watching that Video and after I watched the unplugged part I was absolutely floored. I gained much more respect for them for being able to capture their sound/style acoustically.

I think they're awesome and in their creativity and 'craftsmanship' of music. And their Bass player is probably my all time favorite Bassist out there. "Simon Gallup".

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Right now Syd Barrett, but it changes every few weeks.

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John Denver,CSNandY,Joan Baez


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Michael Hedges, Jimi Hendrix, Warren Haynes, Duanne, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton

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James Hetfield, Slash, Noel Gallagher, Tony Iommi, Jan Akkerman, just to name a few!

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Mines james Hetfield,

man when i started it was like watch DVD > check >Hold Guitar like so >Check >Okay hold pick like so > so and so...Check

our lead singer called me up the other day and the 1st thing he says is " Hi, i'm looking for james hetfield"


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Well, first and foremost on my list has to be keef. Beyond that, I'm all over the spectrum. Gilmour one day, Page the next day followed by an unusual dose of Hoey or some other metal rocker type.

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Today ,

Rory Gallagher

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Like the others, a rotating list of players, but here's some folks that always seem to be in my top five (in alphabetical order):

Mike Campbell - Oodles of tasty licks and riffs on TP & The Heartbreakers albums. An underrated player.
Elliot Easton - Ditto above, but for The Cars.
George Harrison - Ditto above for the The Beatles. Probably the guitarist that got me interested in playing guitar.
Jimi Hendrix - :shock:
Stevie Ray Vaughan - His song Testify still sends chills down to my fingers.

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Paul, and the Mods here, as well as many of the regulars, are pretty much my guitar Heros. Without this site i would not be learning to sound like "me".

Willie Dixon: "A bad rendition of you is better than a good rendition of somebody else."

Thanks to all of you.


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Now that's cool!

Thank you, too, TL for being part of the community and helping others discover their sound.


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